The Importance of Self Care (A story)

By August 27, 2017Relationship

This story appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper but I want to share it because it speaks to listening to your heart and taking self-care seriously. It also speaks to the topic of how you recognize abuse in a relationship that means it is time to break up! This is the story of Chloe Cooper who experienced a devastating humiliation by the person who is “supposed to love her.”

It’s a moment that every woman fears when she receives that ring from her partner:
she tries to slip it over her ring finger but it doesn’t fit. The beautiful diamond, the precious metal band, the romantic moment — they all lose their luster when the ring isn’t sized correctly.

Chloe Cooper knows that feeling all too well. When her boyfriend got down on one knee, she felt horrified as she tried to slip on her new jewelry. “When he gave me the ring, I couldn’t even get it over my knuckle,” she told the Daily Mail.

For Cooper, the mistaken ring size was almost unbelievable. She had been with her boyfriend since she was 16 years old, meaning that he must have known her ring size. So as she fumbled with her ring, she asked him why he got such a tiny size.

His answer made her heart drop, however. “You can wear it when you lose weight,” said the man who had proposed to her seconds earlier. A moment that should have been one of the happiest of Cooper’s life consequently became hurtful and humiliating.

But it also spurred the young woman to break free of a relationship that she soon realized had been a toxic one ever since it started in her teens. Her boyfriend was five years older than her, in fact, and exerted a strong influence over her lifestyle.

Cooper subsequently told the Daily Mail that throughout their relationship he “pushed” her to eat more and gain weight. She realized later that this was a tactic of control, preventing others from seeing her as the attractive young woman she was.

The hurtful way in which he handed the engagement ring over was the last straw for Cooper. She subsequently split from her boyfriend and moved back home with her parents. It wasn’t smooth sailing after that, though. Indeed, despite breaking free from the man who’d encouraged her to gain weight, Cooper still found it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although these hurtful childhood memories and her unhealthy relationship damaged her self-esteem, Cooper was not down for the count. A few years after she moved back in with her parents, in fact, everything changed for the now 23-year-old.

It was then that Cooper met and fell in love with another man, Ashley Jenkins. At some point in their budding relationship, he decided to join a local fitness center. And this time Cooper made the decision on her own to sign up for the gym as well.

Her dedication to her new healthy new lifestyle – and her love for the gym – shows on the outside now, too. Cooper has shed 55 pounds, in fact, and dropped four dress sizes since becoming a devotee to fitness and healthy eating. She also married the young man who encouraged her to join the gym.