Welcome and Congratulations for taking action to Save Your Relationship

This journey takes courage and I respect you for beginning the journey to an awesome relationship.
It is my intention to support you with information and help to sort out the challenges and actions needed to find a fun and fulfilling relationship!

What You Can Expect

I will be sending you a daily email as part of the 5 day course, and as a bonus, I would like to offer you a free report, Save My Relationship Today.

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I am committed to your personal well being. I want you to make the shifts that will move you to a more satisfying and intimate relationship. I care about you because I too know the devastation, frustration and sense of confusion that can come when relationships go wrong.

Here is an example of one of my first experiences with what I thought was the love-of-my-life. I had dated a lot during my teens and early twenties but…

After this break-up, everyone thought I would be single forever

I remember it as though it were yesterday. This perfect guy had pursued me.
He was so romantic and so devoted to me—gentle and strong, all at the same time.

And I had fallen hard. I returned his devotion. I dropped everything I was doing and suddenly moved in with him.  I dreamed of us going through life together.

He was so attentive–for about two weeks, until one day…He announced that he no longer wanted to stay together.  I watched my life shatter in a million tiny pieces, scattered about my feet. I was DEVASTATED!!

   If I had only known what I was doing that meant I could never be satisfied and how to awaken his love and devotion, I could have spared myself YEARS OF SUFFERING!


That is what I am going to share with you!

That was a long time ago and I am currently in a relationship that continues to challenge me, but it is a very long-term relationship (finally) where I feel I can grow and be myself and be seen with all my foibles and still be loved…but it is an on-going learning process that is both exciting, fun and sometimes maddening!


I want you to stick around for the next 6 days, minimum, digest more of my information and note the changes in your thinking and feeling. You will feel differently if you hang in there with us.

I’m glad you are here and I look forward to working with you.
Welcome again,
Sandra Lenington