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Recovery from Infidelity

Surviving and moving through infidelity means you will move through particular stages, steps or paths. This research by Dr. Bob ...
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Your First Step to Surviving Infidelity

I am loving the work of Dr. Robert Huizenga regarding infidelity and how to respond to it. What I love ...
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7 Kinds of Affairs

Not all affairs are created equal. There are multiple ways and whys your partner can stray into an affair...some are ...
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Valentine’s Day Gift

We have a super-fun Valentine's gift for you from author and Romance Expert James Bauer. Click here for your FREE ...
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Feeling alone on Valentine’s Day

Do you ever feel empty and alone on Valentine's Day? You may even have a special guy or be married ...
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Top Ten Messages for your Valentine

Top 10 Messages for Loved Ones: 1. Every time you hold my hand. I find another reason to fall in ...
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Healthy Relationships have These Qualities: Does Yours?

3 Views of Successful Relationships Take a look at descriptions of healthy relationships below. Which qualities describe your current relationship? ...
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Not ALL Relationships *should* be Saved

After a break-up, one of the first questions may be: "How can I  get back with my ex?" However, not ...
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The Biggest Break-up Myth of All Time

Yes, it's аbоut time... Thе biggest myth thаt mоѕt people bеlіеvе аbоut breakups іѕ thаt “time heals аll wounds.” Wе ...
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