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Married vs Married Challenge | Cody & Lexy feat

You asked for it, and we finally did it. We could NOT STOP LAUGHING when we were filming this. Love ...
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When Your Dream Turns into a Nightmare

Three Stages of Relationships Stage 1: The Honeymoon Phase Stage 2 begins when your dream relationship turns into a nightmare! ...
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Real Intimacy Begins with You

You are your own best friend, or at least you ought to be....although you have the potential to be your ...
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Revitalize your Communication

Getting the Love you Want Getting the Love You Want Workbook <br /> Making Marriage Easy: 10 Truths for Changing ...
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80 % of Couples Experience this Roadblock to Relationship

Dr. Huizenga talks about one roadblock that creates a challenge in 80% of the couples he coaches. What is it? ...
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Resolving Relationship Crisis 5

Tip#5 – Keep Your Focus Dr. Huizenga teaches six great tips to stay focused on the journey to the relationship you ...
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Resolving Relationship Crisis 4

Tip#4 – Respect Yourself Are you playing the "if only" game with yourself, or do you feel as if your ...
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Resolving Relationship Crisis 3

Tip#3 – Shift Your Focus Tip #3 reveals a life-changing idea that reveals why you may still be stuck in your ...
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Resolving Relationship Crisis 2

Tip#2 – Make Your World Larger Tip #2 for how to save a failing relationship involves enlarging your world. Those typically with ...
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Resolving Relationship Crisis Introduction

Introduction How to save a broken relationship involves paying close attention to the 5 tips to end the relationship crisis ...
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