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Irresistible Confidence Course: Part 3

3 Steps to Catapult your Confidence Have you completed the “Confidence Evaluator” by now? What were your scores like? What ...
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Irresistible Confidence Course: Part 2

The Pathway to Peace and True Confidence Do you ever feel as though you got dropped on earth without the ...
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Irresistible Confidence Course: Part 1

“Irresistible Confidence” is a course that will help you improve on and raise those confidence levels just the way you ...
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Emotional Bank Account

All the relationship experts talk about the importance of nourishing your relationship in some on-going way. As we talked about yesterday, ...
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Appreciation Guide

I just had a big a-ha about my perspective with a possible "God-confirmation." Sometimes it's not what's happening in the ...
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Access the love you once felt for him

In his book Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman talks about couples having an "emotional love tank" that needs to ...
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Five Love Language Graphics

These are suggestions for how to implement and live out the five love languages ...
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Why it’s Important to Focus on the Solution

Often we spend so much time looking at "what's wrong" with our relationships that we forget the power of focusing ...
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The Stages of Love

Which stage оf love іѕ уоur relationship in? Relationships gо thrоugh thrее distinct stages. 1. Romance Stage (aka Honeymoon Phase) ...
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Ways to Keep Fun and Intimacy Alive in a Relationship

Keeping intimacy alive can sometimes be challenging – you might even wonder can it strengthen your relationship, really. It absolutely ...
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