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The Work for Relationships: Is it true?

The Work of Byron Katie is a way to identify and question the thoughts and beliefs that are causing all ...
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The Work for Relationships: Sex

Questions about sex and challenges in this area are a part of every relationship for almost everyone, I believe. Whether ...
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The Work for Relationships: My Husband had an Affair

My Husband had an affair and divided Our Family An affair can be one of the most painful experiences that ...
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Toolkit: The Work of Byron Katie

How to do Inquiry with 4 Questions and Turnarounds What is The Work? The Work of Byron Katie is a ...
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What’s really required to create your dream-relationship?

Most relationships that reach a crisis-point do not happen overnight... You know the story about the frogs who boiled to ...
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The Work for Relationships: Dating & Jealousy

The Work on Jealousy in Relationships ...
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First the Pain, then the Rising

From the author of Love Warrior, check out this talk by Glennon Doyle Melton. The value for women is to ...
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How to do The Work for Relationships

A Great Tool for Clarity in your Relationships This video shows how to begin to question the thoughts you have ...
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The Importance of Self Care (A story)

This story appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper but I want to share it because it speaks to listening to ...
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Revitalize your Romance

A new revelation has been revealed to me by Michael Fiori, one of my favorite "relationship experts." OK, I get ...
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