Revitalize your Romance

By August 21, 2017Relationship

A new revelation has been revealed to me by Michael Fiori, one of my favorite “relationship experts.”

OK, I get that my “revelations” are usually another person’s “Duhhhh.”
In any event, when a guy shares information about men, I listen a little better since I figure he should know what he is talking about.

The Facts of Romantic Life
So when Michael Fiore shared this fact, I was surprised:
“Romance,” he reports, “means very different things to a man than it does to a woman.”

He goes on to explain that for us women,
romance means connection, communication, long evenings cuddled up together…You know, the kind of thing you read about in romance novels. But even though guys CAN really enjoy that kind of evening, Michael says that to men, romance is a “game.” He says it like this, “Plain and simple, us guys are hard wired deep in our genes to ‘hunt’ and pursue women…To do anything to make you swoon…And to win your love and affection and claim you as his own…What this means is that inside every man (even your man) there’s a…romantic beast just waiting to be set loose…
if you know how to “flip the switch” and give him permission to act…”

What You Need to Do to Activate the “Romance Revitalization Button”
There are three things you need to do, though, in order to spring him into action…
1. First he needs you to tease him…
2. Second he needs you to give him permission to be a guy…
3. And Third he needs to feel safe . . in other words, he needs to feel that expressing passion is not a “Big Deal”… that there are no big expectations and that no other guy will know. This is safety from a man’s perspective.
The good news is that the methods he suggests are specific, easy to follow and fun.
Check out this short 3 minute video for a better understanding!

Can a 30-second daily activity really bring out his secret romantic side and re-ignite your relationship?
See below…you be the judge:

Texting the Romance Back works like crazy. I want to run around and tell every woman I know about it. I haven’t gotten this much attention from my husband in a long time. We’ll celebrate our 25th anniversary next month and it’s like we’re newlyweds again.
He’s flabbergasted by my mad texting skilz. Thanks!””This has really worked for me. I have been married for 29 years and things had gotten out of hand.
This has been truly amazing. I got roses for no reason last night. Thank you!!!!!”

“It’s like we’re love-struck teenagers again”
“Your work is incredible! John and I have been dating for going on three years and we lost that “spark”.
After just one day of sending an appreciation and a curiosity magnet, the outcome was outstanding.
His response by text was simply that I had caught him off guard, I saw this as a fairly neutral statement.
It wasn’t until the next day when I saw him in person that just those few texts had been a huge impact on him. It was like we were love struck teenagers again! …he took my face in his hands and held my gaze for the longest time. He told me that there is no one in the world he would rather be with than me, and that he had been thinking about that all day. I was blown away by all the romance just those few texts had caused.

“I want to thank you Michael, for creating such an amazing thing for couples to use to become closer again. It is such a blessing to see that awestruck wonder in his eyes again as if I could do no wrong.
This program was the absolute best investment I have ever made throughout my life and I will be recommending it to all my girlfriends (single as well as those who are in relationships).
I wish I had upgraded my package when I had the chance!
— Hannah”

“I almost dropped my phone!”
“Just bought the Text the Romance Back 2.0 yesterday. What an amazing lil bible you have created!
I immediately tried it out on my boyfriend of over a year. We live an hour apart, so we really only get to see each other over the weekends. We depend heavily on daily communication either by phone or text. I have texted him during the day, asking how his day was going, just to let him know I was thinking of him and seldom got a response. Well yesterday the text that I sent was: “Good Morning handsome, I don’t say this enough, but I really appreciate how you make dinner for me every night we are together. You do an amazing job of taking care of me and I hope you know how much I love you!” Now, I did not expect a return text, but to my surprise, he did. His response was ” Good Morning baby, thank you for being so good to me. I love you and miss you”….I almost dropped my phone!!!! It worked that fast!!!! Then this morning, I tried it again. “Good Morning handsome. You are the most caring, wonderful, amazing, handsome, passionate man I know. I cant believe how lucky I am to have you in my life! Within minutes he sent back ” good morning baby, I think I am the lucky one, cant wait to hold you and kiss you…love you sexy”

In 24 hours, I think I have gotten the best texts since we were in month two of our dating and still in the honeymoon phase!!!! You are a GOD!!!!! I am soooo super excited to have found this gem of a book! It is amazing how a simple little text can put a huge grin on my face and make me feel like a giddy little school girl again! We have a lot of passion when we are together, it is the time apart that I feel lacks, and this book I feel will help keep it strong when we are apart!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking the time to produce this book!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!”
— Angela

So HOW does it work? You can see the specific, amazing details here.