“Overcome Addiction Now”

1.  How can I know if I really have a problem?and what if I need drugs/alcohol to get through the day? (See Chapter 2)

2. The top 10 beliefs that make me unhappy & that make it impossible for me to succeed in my life (& what to do about it) (See pages 32-39)

3. The top 10 ways I mess up my life & 5 keys to setting it right  (See pages 45-52, 62-66)

4. How to find lasting happiness and live at peace (without overeating/drugs/alcohol) when everything feels overwhelming (See pages 73-93)


“End Emotional Eating”

Welcome to End Emotional Eating Effortlessly, an eBook designed to introduce you to emotional eating, food addiction (binge eating & compulsive eating) and how it affects your life.

This eBook shows the steps necessary to escape the prison of addictive, binge and emotional eating habits once and for all.

In this eBook we will cover:

  • What is Emotional Eating?
  • 6 Symptoms of Addiction?
  • The Binge-Diet Roller-coaster
  • Why Diets, Surgery and Pills will never work
  • 7 Situations and Secret Conversations that Trigger Emotional Eating
  • 7 Common Characteristics of Emotional Eaters
  • How to Beat Emotional Eating: 10 Practices to overcome emotional eating
  • This will help you on your weight loss journey because you’ll have the insights you need to stop looking at food as a way to deal with your emotions


Meet Sandra

Sandra Lenington helps you through training, teaching and techniques to achieve a life of authenticity, belonging, community, peace and joy without dependence on addictive substances or behaviors. As founder of Coach Academy Inc, Sandra educates, equips and empowers entrepreneurs for excellence in coaching. Recovery Coach Academy is a division of Coach Academy Inc to train coaches in the recovery process.
Addiction is a tricky business. It can creep into lives slowly and you are usually caught in the web of addiction before you even realize it! At first your addiction was the “feel-good” solution to your situation, or perhaps just an experimenting. Sooner or later your addiction becomes the problem.
Sobriety, abstinence, overcoming addictions is an equally tricky business. According to Sandra, it is a process best done in community with support. What makes it tricky is that most addicts have become alienated from others and find themselves alone, angry and unwilling to admit there is a problem.
There is no one-size-fits-all recovery solution. Recovery is a process. According to Sandra, it needs to involve the whole person. Detox or abstinence from the substance or behavior is only the first step. Once you become sober or abstinent, the real recovery process begins. This thought is heard in 12-step meetings as the definition of SOBER (Son Of a B****, Everything’s Real). The heart of recovery involves change and balance. You need to change—but only everything! Change and balance happens in community.
If you are struggling to free yourself from the web of addiction or looking to share your recovery with others as a recovery coach, then Sandra can assist you to achieve your goals.
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